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Sidekiq::Activerecord encapsulates common patterns and various interactions between Sidekiq and ActiveRecord.

Common Patterns

If you've been using Sidekiq for a while, you've probably noticed a recurring pattern in your workers:


A very conventional pattern, is to have a worker that gets a model identifier, loads it and runs some custom logic on the model.

TaskWorker provides a simple and clean interface, which reduces the boilerplate and exposes only the custom logic.

Here's a simple example:

class UserTaskWorker < Sidekiq::ActiveRecord::TaskWorker

  sidekiq_task_model :user # or User

  def perform_on_user


For a more see the TaskWorker documentation.


Another fairly common Sidekiq::Worker pattern, is a parent worker which goes over a model collection and enqueues a child worker for each model in the collection.

Here's a simple example:

# Parent Worker
class UserSyncer < Sidekiq::ActiveRecord::ManagerWorker
  sidekiq_delegate_task_to :user_task_worker # or UserTaskWorker

Then, just call the worker with the model collection:


For a more see the ManagerWorker documentation.


Checkout the project's Wiki Page


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'sidekiq-activerecord', '~> 0.0.5'

And then execute:

$ bundle